Our Essex-based oven cleaning company offers a range of oven cleaning, as well as other related services to domestic customers.

Oven Cleaning

Our oven cleaning service is completely chemical free, which is great for your health, as well as your family's health. We can also offer a deep clean of your oven, to ensure that your oven is just like it was the day you purchased it. We take good care cleaning all our ovens and cover traditional ovens, convectional ovens and combi ovens too. We will ensure that the oven doors are clean, as well as the oven door glass, and oven racks. Why clean the oven yourself, when we can do it for you?


BBQs pick up all sorts of residue from cooking and need regular maintenance and cleaning. You can have your barbeque made to look as new with a full clean ready for a summer full of BBQ's and garden parties - helping your food to cook and taste better and have your family and friends admiring the BBQ at the same time.


Extractors require regular cleaning and the filters are notoriously bad for becoming blocked causing bad odours in the kitchen by not working effectively. We can clean extractors as well as replace extractor filters and this helps remove cooking smells and keep the kitchen cleaner at the same time too.


Microwaves are high usage additions to the kitchen for many households and need regular cleaning to ensure that all the splats are cleaned away taking away bacteria that lurks there. The Microwave will look so much better after a clean and will sit proudly in the kitchen gleaming as new.


There's nothing like a good clean hob. Whether it's a ceramic hob, stainless steel hob, or even enamel - we can provide the best service possible providing you with a sparkling hob to show off.

Replacement Bulbs & Filters

We can replace bulbs and filters on your oven, extractor, and microwave - why not ensure that you can see your perfect roast cooking away in all its glory?